Friday, March 9, 2012

Ultimate March Madness Date

I cannot wait to have this date with my husband next week when the March Madness games begin!  If you already watch sports games with your husband, he thinks you are cool, but if you add in the details for this date he will think you AWESOME!  (My husband is going to think I'm really awesome, since I don't normally sit and watch sport games with him on TV.)

1. Ask your husband which game he is most excited about during March Madness which he wants you to watch with him.  Tell him you two will have a date watching that game together. (He will love that alone!)

2.  Find appropriate attire.  If  two you have sports jerseys you could wear that for the date, or you could make your own March Madness shirts to wear like I did.

I bought Fabric Transfer paper and printed designs on them, then ironed it on the shirts.  Transfer paper is $8.50 at Walmart for 6 sheets.  Below is to show the free designs we created for you to use.


Here are the links to the free designs: Blue optionPurple optionOrange optionPink option. (**NOTE: They are all ready to print and will show up mirrored, so that when you iron them on the shirt they will read correctly.)  Just make sure to print with the best quality your printer can do.

3.  Gather some yummy concession snacks to eat throughout the game (soda, nachos, candy) and make him "pay" for the food with kisses, compliments, flexed muscles, and whatever else you like.  Throw in as many decorations as you would like to create the game atmosphere.

4. After the game is over, play your own one-on-one game of "Around the World".  You can find directions of how to play here.  You probably have, or could buy those little nerf hoop and ball sets (which men still love because it's nostalgic from their childhood) that hang over the door.  I bought mine off of because ours broke over the years. 
Nerf Basketball Hoop - Nerfoop

Before the date, print off and cut out these game prize cards, and you and your spouse can fill out what prize you get if you are the winner of your "Around the World" game! (Example: massage, foot rub, ice cream run) Also, remember that the original format of the prize cards will correct itself when you download.

5. Optional:  If you would like, you could say that each time your team makes a shot, you kiss each other.  If you are rooting for different teams that's a whole lot of love!  But get into the game and pay attention to it the whole time!  Your husband will love having you cheer and get just as into the game as he does!  This date is sure to score points with your loved one!

Happy loving,

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