Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sherlock Holmes ~Date

Back in January, when the second Sherlock Holmes movie came out, I planned a whole weekend date involving Sherlock!  It was wonderful and really exciting to look forward to a whole weekend of things to do together.  On Friday night I gave my husband an invitation that read:

My dearest Watson,
we have come upon yet another case
that needs our attention.
Meet me tonight at 7:00 in our "thinking room".
We must make great haste!  A life depends on it!
But as always...
"It's elementary my dear Watson, elementary"

Sherlock Holmes

This invite can be found at The Dating Divas blog.  So on Friday, we watched the first Sherlock Holmes movie at home, and thoroughly enjoyed it of course!  Then on Saturday night, we had a friend babysit for us and we went to the theater to watch the second Sherlock Holmes movie, which in my opinion, was equally as good as the first!  It was really great to watch the first movie right before, so we could be reminded of the story that continues into the second movie.

On Sunday, we began playing a Sherlock Holmes game together that we purchased and downloaded from Big Fish Games.  It was a really fun mystery game that ended up taking a few weekends to finish.  The difficulty was medium to hard and required lots of creative thinking.  I love playing these types of games with my husband and it topped off the whole theme for the weekend!

This date was inspired from The Dating Divas website. (link above)

Happy loving,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chinese Date Night

 Any night is a great night with Chinese food right!?  A couple of weeks ago I prepared this Chinese Date for my husband and myself, inspiration coming from the Love Actually blog, and it was great! Fantastic food and cultural entertainment make this date really special!

No using table and chairs for this date, bring it to the floor on a rug or mat if you can find one.  Find any and all oriental decor to set the mood for dinner, focusing on red, gold, and black colors.  I found bamboo place mats at Walmart, red napkins and red plate at the Dollar Store, free chopsticks at our local Mandarin Restaurant, and red candles and Chinese decor at Family Dollar.  It is really fun setting up this date and what's even better is that you don't have to spend much money!  Discount stores have plenty of decorating options.

You can definitely try your hand at cooking your own Chinese cuisine (we used Schwan's frozen food - I love their chicken egg rolls!) or you can make it easier on yourself and just order take out!  Eating together with chopsticks is a must for this date!  And, don't forget fortune cookies,  maybe slipping in your own creative fortune in it to see how the night will turn out!

After dinner, we watched Kung Fu Panda 2, but any movie set in China would work perfectly, there are tons of options!  After dark it would be so romantic to light a Chinese Wish Lantern and watch it float up in the night sky!  I purchased (here) and surprised my husband with a Wish Lantern for us, but it's pretty windy where we live, and we decided to wait until winter to light it (when there is snow on the ground), since we live by many fields and trees.  Basically it's best to light one up in a huge concrete or dirt area, just in case, so it doesn't start a fire if the wind knocks it over or it malfunctions.  But I hear people do it for weddings and special occasions and I imagine it's beautiful! We are just extra cautious!  Anyway, have fun re-creating this unique date!

 (please use responsibly, and check your local laws regarding the use of these lanterns)

Happy loving,