Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shutterfly Gifts

My awesome friend Robyn, told me about gifts from shutterfly.com, specifically the Videogram.  You can make a videogram that has all your pictures of you and your family or spouse, put music to it, and   give it as a gift all for $4.00-$10.00!  It's such a good deal, and a really nice gift for your loved one that you'll want to keep forever!  My husband did this for me of all our engagement pics, and I loved it!  Shutterfly.com also has a whole list of gift ideas you can do through them that are worth checking out, and they make it so easy!

Photo Mugs
They also make stuff like mugs, desktop plaques, iphone cases, and much more!  Look how cute this looks!
iPhone Cases

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favorite/Easy Family Dates: Pizza/Movie/Camping

One of our favorite things to do on a Friday night with our family, is order pizza and watch a movie together.  It's so fun to just relax and share time cuddling with our kids on the couch!  Sometimes we do this once a month or even longer in between, so it's super special when we get pizza and redbox a movie!
link for picture here

Another great family date, great for the summer, is to set up your tent in the back yard and camp out! Do everything you would do for regular camping, so roast up hot dogs over a fire pit or bbq, make smores, play outside and look for crazy nature bugs, bring out the hot chocolate at night by the campfire (if you have a pit), bring playing cards and board games in the tent along with stories, and don't forget your flashlights!  I have heard of great success from other families doing this, we tend to only make it out in the tent for a couple of hours and then move everyone back in the house because some of our kids a just too young, but it's another summer and the kids are a little older, so we will try again!  At least we always have fun, up until bedtime!
 link for tent picture here

A third option is to combine the two plans into one, which we have done with great success!  We set up our tent in the family room, set out the sleeping bags, ordered pizza, and rented a movie.  The kids thought it was so fun eating pizza in the tent while watching "Smurfs" as a family!  Then we put the younger kids (and ourselves) to bed, and let the older kids sleep in the tent all night inside! Perfect combo.

What variations do you do with movie night, or camping with your family?  What are some of your other favorite family dates?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Presenting dates for a YEAR!

With Father's Day coming up, I wanted to share a couple of ideas for gifts that you could give your husband if you want to give him something a little creative and memorable.  (They are both alike, and yet have there own unique qualities, so check them both out) This first idea, I did year ago, on Valentines Day, when I enrolled my husband in "The Date of the Month Club".  It was his favorite gift -to this day- and filled with many memories for the both of us.  I found this idea on the Love Actually blog and switched a few things around and made my own homemade version.  Below is a picture from Love Actually that shows you can purchase your own personal digital version from them, to take out a lot more work on your part.  It's only $20 bucks to buy the personalized version, but then you have to print out everything still.

The idea is to enroll your husband in the Date of the Month Club, which means he will receive:

*One creative date (set up by you) per month for a year
*Two vacation getaways within the year (homemade or real getaway destinations-whatever your budget allows)
*Coupon tickets to use anytime throughout the year (examples: breakfast in bed, massages, make his favorite dessert)
*A bag of Hershey kisses, redeemable for the real thing!

So you would choose 12 date options for the year (making sure that at least half are things your spouse likes to do) and then a separate paper with all the months in the year, and he gets to pick which date he wants for each month.  Also come up with coupons your husband will enjoy using.  This is a great way to ensure that you have dates (bonus for you) and gets your husband excited and anticipating dates.  Plus he'll just feel so loved that you put all this effort and thought into him!

Personally, some of things I did in my homemade Date of the Month Kit for my husband were the following:

*Presented the kit in a photo book, and put our picture on the front of it
*Slipped a congratulations letter in the photo slots about how he had been enrolled in the club and explained what to do and what was included in it.(above)
*Some dates I chose were: Pizzeria night, Bowling Date, Game Night, Chinese Date, Tickets to entertainment at the college campus, Spa Night, Chef's delight, Golf Day, Wild West Night, Envelope Date, Trip to the Theater.  Many of these dates can be found on the Love Actually Blog, and others are just things we like to do.
*I included the Hershey kisses, which I enjoyed eating when they were redeemed.
*I included 16 coupons like the examples above.
*I didn't include vacation getaways this time.
*In the rest of the photo book I would put pictures of us on all our dates so that we could always remember the fun time we had.  Sometimes I'd put ticket stubs or invitations that I made for him too.

I just found another awesome idea like this on The Dating Divas blog, in which they were featuring one of their readers who came up this idea of "The Passport to Love" (picture below). They have great printables if you go to their link, and detailed instructions on how to put this gift together.  

The idea is the same, to provide one date a month for the next year, but this time, "traveling" to different locations around the world.  Her ideas for making each location in your own home are amazing and sound fun, and easy! Check it out, it's worth it!  I'm going to have to use this idea sometime soon!  Hope you enjoyed these gifts ideas!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Just My Nature ~Book Review

It's Just My Nature, written by Carol Tuttle, is a guide to knowing and living your true nature (along with your spouses, and everyone you associate with).  This book helps you identify your primary personality traits, thought processes, body movement, natural gifts, and much much more.

I have always loved and have done many personality tests and quizzes (including the four color groups: red, yellow, blue, and white) just because it fascinates me, but I love this book the most because it goes so much deeper and further than just personality traits.  It really can better help you understand how your or your spouse's mind process gets from A to B, and other things like what might motivate one person and how it differs from another type.  My husband and I have found this information extremely helpful in our marriage, knowing each other better, and knowing that it's okay that the other doesn't move and accomplish things exactly like we think it should be done ourselves.  We are so much more understanding of why certain situations would make us feel certain ways or react differently than the other, and we can "let things go" more easily.

So I would in a heart beat, recommend this book especially for marriages, but also for yourself, or any other relationship that you have with people. OH, and it's helpful with children also, even though it's not really tailored to children, as parents you'd probably be able to figure out their true natures too and have it help with parenting.  I can't stress it enough, read the book, both my husband and I have seen so much valuable knowledge for our marriage from it!  And if you want to borrow mine, I'd be happy to lend it to you!

Here is a link to purchase your own, It's Just My Nature

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