Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shutterfly Gifts

My awesome friend Robyn, told me about gifts from shutterfly.com, specifically the Videogram.  You can make a videogram that has all your pictures of you and your family or spouse, put music to it, and   give it as a gift all for $4.00-$10.00!  It's such a good deal, and a really nice gift for your loved one that you'll want to keep forever!  My husband did this for me of all our engagement pics, and I loved it!  Shutterfly.com also has a whole list of gift ideas you can do through them that are worth checking out, and they make it so easy!

Photo Mugs
They also make stuff like mugs, desktop plaques, iphone cases, and much more!  Look how cute this looks!
iPhone Cases

Happy loving,

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