Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favorite/Easy Family Dates: Pizza/Movie/Camping

One of our favorite things to do on a Friday night with our family, is order pizza and watch a movie together.  It's so fun to just relax and share time cuddling with our kids on the couch!  Sometimes we do this once a month or even longer in between, so it's super special when we get pizza and redbox a movie!
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Another great family date, great for the summer, is to set up your tent in the back yard and camp out! Do everything you would do for regular camping, so roast up hot dogs over a fire pit or bbq, make smores, play outside and look for crazy nature bugs, bring out the hot chocolate at night by the campfire (if you have a pit), bring playing cards and board games in the tent along with stories, and don't forget your flashlights!  I have heard of great success from other families doing this, we tend to only make it out in the tent for a couple of hours and then move everyone back in the house because some of our kids a just too young, but it's another summer and the kids are a little older, so we will try again!  At least we always have fun, up until bedtime!
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A third option is to combine the two plans into one, which we have done with great success!  We set up our tent in the family room, set out the sleeping bags, ordered pizza, and rented a movie.  The kids thought it was so fun eating pizza in the tent while watching "Smurfs" as a family!  Then we put the younger kids (and ourselves) to bed, and let the older kids sleep in the tent all night inside! Perfect combo.

What variations do you do with movie night, or camping with your family?  What are some of your other favorite family dates?

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