Friday, March 2, 2012

Pot o' Gold ~Date

With March settling in, it got me thinking about Saint Patrick's Day!  If you are wanting to celebrate a little differently this year try this Pot o' Gold date...a hunt to find your leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow (with surprises along the way)!

This is how it works.  Each clue that you give your spouse will lead them to a location in your house, and they will find a little holiday surprise along with the next clue.  At the end of the hunt, you two can enjoy the pot of gold (popcorn and other treats) you found, and watch the movie, "Fools Gold", with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.
1. Get some type of leprechaun attire for the two of you to hunt for your gold in.  The Dollar Tree has awesome hats and you can find lots of other cool items in just about any store right now.

2.  Print out the date invite and clue#1, clue#2 and clue#3, clue#4 and clue#5, and clue#6.  (Click File, download, and  print)  Remember, the font and text spacing will correct itself once you download.  I'm new at this, and working out the kinks.  Below is the example of the invite for your spouse.
4. Next you will need to put the clues where they go, along with a little surprise with each one.  After giving your spouse the invite, hand him/her clue#1 which will lead to the pantry.  The surprise in the pantry could be this cute jar filled with gold coins, miniature Reese's peanut butter cups, or Hershey's gold nuggets.  Found this idea here.
Clue #2 should also be in the pantry and it will lead you to your spouse's shoes which you could fill like this:

(idea from Love Actually)
Clue#3 then leads you to the car, where they might find a bag full of Rolos waiting for them.
(Idea from Love Actually)

Clue#4 leads to the refrigerator which could contain "Irish Pub Mugs", and Root Beer or Cream Soda.  I found these glasses at the dollar store just a few days ago and my husband thinks they are awesome!

Clue#5 leads to the microwave which should contain your popcorn, I mean pot o' gold!  And clue#6 leads you to the couch to watch your movie with all your snacks!

A couple other ideas for surprises you could use on this date:
(found at

If you want a cheaper route, you could just leave a few Rolos or Reese's at each location with the next clue.  Or you could give clover coupons and write down on a clover what the coupon is good for!

Happy loving,

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