Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gift list

Do you find it hard to know what your spouse wants for their birthday or Christmas and such?  Do you wish that your spouse would read your mind about what you would like for your anniversary or Valentine's Day?  No matter how much we think our spouse should know us, none of us are mind readers...so let's make gift giving and receiving even easier and better this year! 

How about each of you keep a list somewhere safe in the house, that you can write down the things you would love to receive for such occasions.  Throughout the year, when you think of something you need or want, just write it on the list, and when your spouse needs a hint of what to get you, they'll know where to look, and vice-versa.  You can do this with a lot of creativity (ex. make cute boxes to store ideas or pictures) or simply write a list, but either way, it's super helpful if you add details of where to get an item or how much it is, to give your spouse a better idea.  If your spouse doesn't really get into keeping up their wish list, it's still beneficial to keep one for them.  Notice what they say is cool or get excited for and write it down, so that by Christmas time, you will have an easier time recalling the things they like.

I am pretty particular in what I like receiving, and so I often just ask for money so that I can pick things I like.  But I kinda like my husband to surprise me too sometimes.  It makes me feel like I was thought of.  So if I make a list for my husband of all the options I would love, I still get surprised on the things he actually picks from off the list!  Win - win.

And, because I've listened, no matter how much I want to buy my husband more ties (I love ties, they are one of the only accessories for men), my husband does not want to receive one from me, for his birthday!  I...must...resist...the...urge!  But it's really helpful to me to know what type of camera my husband wants and have it written down, so that if we should ever have the money for it, I can surprise him, and get it right!

I really hope this helps, so that gift giving can be fun and special during those exciting times throughout the year that you celebrate your love and appreciation!

Happy loving,

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