Monday, April 16, 2012

Western Date Night

Some of you may remember me posting this date on my family blog about year ago.  I was 8 months pregnant then, and this was the first at home, themed date we ever tried.  It was so much fun, and I've been hooked on themed dates ever since!  This post definitely belongs on this blog so I'm re-posting it over here.  Seriously, you've got to try this date!

This date was a fun break from always going to see a movie or going out to eat.  I had a blast preparing for it and we just put the kids to bed so we didn't have to pay for a babysitter!  I spent only $20.00 for it and the biggest purchase was the photo paper I wanted to buy.  Have to give credit for this creative idea: go to for this and more ideas.
(again, I'd recommend for married couples)

So first we got dressed up all westerny and took our western photo shoot.  You know how at Knott's Berry Farm and other places you can dress up and take an old fashioned photo like your from the old west?  I always wanted to do that so this is our home-made rendition.

I'm posed next to my wanted poster.  The hats I purchased from D.I. and I was wearing the best outfit I had for the night, a blouse, skirt and boots.  These are just a few the shots we took.

 Dan next to his "wanted" poster.  He looks a little wary with his first western photo shoot, but soon gets into it. :)  It's cheesy, right?!

Dan likes using photo shop, so right after we changed the pics to old western brown colors and printed some out for keepsakes!

And then we framed our favorites for a good laugh to always remember this off beat date together.  These frames were purchased from the dollar store.  I don't decorate my house in western style, so I call these bathroom worthy and have them set up in our bathroom.  I do chuckle every time I see them.

 And what's a good ole western time unless you play a little poker, playing for keeps with homemade poker chips.

Lastly, we visited the Wild West Saloon and Theatre where we snacked on rootbeer, chips, and dips and watched a western, Shanghai Noon, with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, pretty awesome!  So what can I say, it was definitely different and fun, you might want to try it out!  Go to the blog above for a few more ideas and details for this date and others! 

Happy loving, 

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