Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games has a lot of computer games that you can download within minutes for cheaper than it would be in the store.  I think games are fun to do for date nights, and my husband and I especially like to do a couple of mystery games together throughout the year.  They have medium to hard puzzles and outside the box thinking is required.  (We always choose the "no hint" option to make it challenging)  Plus depending on how much you play it, it takes several weekend nights to solve and for $7.00- 10.00 it gives you plenty to do for a few dates.

 ***These games can be addicting, but I recommend saving it for dates, or at least on the weekends so that you can get the bills paid and laundry done still during the week! :) 

If you are a first timer with these games, you can use the promo code NEW299 (currently going on), and buy your first game for $2.99! (They also have a daily deal for $2.99 everyday)  What a deal!   They also allow you to try any game for one hour to see if you like it.  Sometimes we just download the free trial, so that we for sure stop after one hour and go to bed on time!  Hope you enjoy exploring this site too!  Have you already played big fish games? Do you have any games that you would recommend?

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